Writing Goals 2022 with Penelope Janu, Lily Malone, Pamela Cook

Our last Writing Goals 2022 blog post and it won’t dissapoint  Penelope, Lily and Pamela talk us through what’s happening now and what’s next

Writing Goals 2022 with Kylie Kaden, Kaye Dobbie, Cheryl Adnams, Jennifer Scoullar

We’re still writing and still reaching goals, although sometimes other life events happen and we need to regroup, rethink, and recharge before carrying on Bestsellers Kylie, Kaye, Cheryl and Jennifer let us in on their goals, their plans, and how they’re doing

Writing Goals 2022 with Cassie Hamer, Janet Gover, Jennie Jones

Cassie Hamer, Janet Gover and Jennie Jones let us in on a few secrets

Writing Goals 2022 with Fiona McArthur, Sasha Wasley, Meredith Appleyard

What are our writing goals for the coming months? Fiona McArthur, Sasha Wasley and Meredith Appleyard tell us what they’re up to…