AUTHOR GALLERY with Helene Young and Michael Trant

We asked our wonderful group member authors What inspires you to write stories? They couldn’t wait to answer!   Helene Young – award winning author writing while aboard the good ship RooBinEsque Michael Trant – Aussie author with a new crime/thriller book on the horizon

Writing Goals 2021 #2

An exclusive insider look at what your favourite authors are up to this year and the books we can look forward to reading Writing Goals blog post #2 You can also read Writing Goals blog post #1 (link below) Penelope Janu, Helene Young, Cheryl Adnams, Janet Gover and Jennifer Scoullar

Our Writing Desks – What’s on Them?

Our fourth and final Writing Desks post! Have you ever wondered where a favourite author might create their novels? We asked our authors to share an image of what’s on their desk and what inspires them or keeps them going  

Book Club – 3 Authors, 3 Books, 5 Questions for You or Your Club

Take a seat in your favourite armchair or head over to your book club fully armed with three fantastic books Here at Australian Fiction Authors we like to give you a choice of reading material and here are three we think you’re going to love, whether they’re for a book club you belong to, or…

Tough Choices, Family Fractures and Lies, and Childhood Friendships Gone Wrong

It’s no secret – life changes us. But what do we do if we know that we, or someone close to us, made the wrong move in the past and we’re now placed in a situation where we have to confront the issue? Life needs to go on, but can the repercussions and possible heartache…