WEEKDAY WANDERINGS with Leonie Kelsall

Welcome to WEEKDAY WANDERINGS where we talk about what we’ve done, what we’ve seen, and where we’ve been. Today it’s ‘taboo places’ with Leonie Kelsall   Do you believe in forbidden places? Those where the ancestral taboo is so strong, you instinctively know you have no right to trespass? Exploring the backroads surrounding our family…

NEW RELEASE – The River Gum Cottage by Leonie Kelsall

Sometimes, home isn’t a place: it’s a feeling. ‘A heart-warming rural romance from the best-selling author of The Wattle Seed Inn.’ OUT NOW   Lucie Tamberlani had it all: a business manager with a passion for naturopathy, she was set to take over the bookwork at the family strawberry farm in South Australia. But the unexpected…

COMING SOON! (Our favourite post.)

Here they are, our next releases! July to October so far… (there are always more books coming soon and we’ll add them as we know about them) Read all the story blurbs and find your pre-order links   Happy book pre-ordering!

COMING SOON – June to October

Here they are in one place… COMING SOON and up for pre-order right now Ready to read the story blurbs?

COMING SOON – May to September 2022

Eight fabulous books coming our way soon and all up for pre-order now Read all the story blurbs in one place …

Writing Goals 2022 with Fleur McDonald, Michael Trant, Leonie Kelsall

It’s that time of year again. What are our writing goals for the coming months? Fleur McDonald, Michael Trant and Leonie Kelsall tell us what they’re up to…

29 Books in 2021! How Many Have You Read?

29 books released between January and December 2021 from our group member authors We have all the story blurbs for you Enjoy! And we thank you for your amazing and continued support of Australian authors 🧡

NEW RELEASE – The Wattle Seed Inn by Leonie Kelsall

Three aching hearts, a ramshackle country pub and a tangled web of secrets. OUT NOW PR executive Gabrielle Moreau knows she has an easy life, but when her business partner claims she lacks career passion she takes ownership of a dilapidated pub in a tiny riverside settlement to prove she can be a success without…

Coming Soon! July New Releases

Coming very soon and up for pre-order now The story blurbs, the authors… When are they releasing? Where can I buy them?

COMING SOON! Always an exciting post

Here they are. The Coming Soon books from our group member authors! Always an exciting post for us. So much to look forward to. Did you know that by pre-ordering an upcoming new release, in either eBook or paperback, gives the authors a chance for their stories to make a greater impact on release day?…