AUTHOR GALLERY with Helene Young and Michael Trant

We asked our wonderful group member authors What inspires you to write stories? They couldn’t wait to answer!   Helene Young – award winning author writing while aboard the good ship RooBinEsque Michael Trant – Aussie author with a new crime/thriller book on the horizon

Writing Goals 2021 #2

An exclusive insider look at what your favourite authors are up to this year and the books we can look forward to reading Writing Goals blog post #2 You can also read Writing Goals blog post #1 (link below) Penelope Janu, Helene Young, Cheryl Adnams, Janet Gover and Jennifer Scoullar

Our Writing Desks – What’s on Them?

Our fourth and final Writing Desks post! Have you ever wondered where a favourite author might create their novels? We asked our authors to share an image of what’s on their desk and what inspires them or keeps them going  

How Many Books Have You Written (2nd round)

Following on from our post How Many Books Have You Read So Far This Year? we asked more of our group of authors here on Australian Fiction Authors how many books they have written The answers are a wonderful insight into Australian authors and how they go about their business, some writing in many genres or heading…

How Many Books Have You Read So Far This Year?

It’s a well-known fact among writers that reading books is a priority pastime. How else can we learn our craft but to read, read, read? So we asked nine authors from our group at Australian Fiction Authors how many books they’ve managed to read so far this year and what they’re currently writing (PS – we…

Backlist Weekend

Some absolute favourites among these titles and authors What’s a backlist? Simply the books that came before the author’s current or latest release How many have you read? How many would you like to read?

Book Club – 3 Authors, 3 Books, 5 Questions for You or Your Club

Take a seat in your favourite armchair or head over to your book club fully armed with three fantastic books Here at Australian Fiction Authors we like to give you a choice of reading material and here are three we think you’re going to love, whether they’re for a book club you belong to, or…

Tough Choices, Family Fractures and Lies, and Childhood Friendships Gone Wrong

It’s no secret – life changes us. But what do we do if we know that we, or someone close to us, made the wrong move in the past and we’re now placed in a situation where we have to confront the issue? Life needs to go on, but can the repercussions and possible heartache…