Facebook Shenanigans – But We’re Still Here

Published:February 19, 2021

Hello dear readers and book lovers,

This is an unprecedent post from Australian Fiction Authors. A first for us, and for many others.

Yes, we’ve been hit with the Facebook ‘news’ ban so our Facebook page @AustralianFictionAuthors shows no posts.

But let’s not panic because we can still bring you…

all your book news 😊

Until this is sorted (we are not a media or journalistic outlet and never have been) we’ll be continuing to bring you new releases and insider book news from our group-member authors.



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Because we’re not going anywhere.

Your love of our website and the authors involved, including our guest authors, has always been overwhelmingly supportive. It’s invaluable and so many of you have been with us for years.

So let’s keep going. Because books are our first love and everyone should be allowed the chance to find a book they just know they have to read.


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Thank you, on behalf of all the authors on this website.



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