December 2018

On the Same Page

By Penelope Janu

Sometimes a girl just has to turn the page… A new romantic comedy


The Woman in the Green Dress

By Tea Cooper

Green, the colour of envy, the colour of poison…


The Cafe by the Bridge

By Lily Malone

She’s the fixer who wants to save the world, but some men just want to stay broken


January 2019

The Round Yard

By Alissa Callen

Home isn’t always a place… An Australian story about finding where you belong


February 2019

Lawson’s Bend

By Nicole Hurley-Moore

When Henny got out of Lawson’s Bend ten years ago she vowed never to come back…


The Girl from Eureka

By Cheryl Adnams

Can love survive the battle of ideals on the sun-drenched goldfields of Eureka?


Home Fires

By Fiona Lowe

A devastating bushfire. Three scorched marriages. And an inflammatory secret that will rock a town.


March 2019

Home At Last

By Meredith Appleyard

Flying solo can be harder than it looks … A warm-hearted rural romance about finding your way home


April 2019

Something in the Wine

By Tricia Stringer

A warm-hearted rural romance set among the scenic vineyards of Margaret River