Books Released in January 2024

Published:January 4, 2024

As January unfolds, ushering in a brand new year in Australia, the air is charged with the anticipation of fresh beginnings and untold possibilities. Whether you’re basking in the summer sun or seeking refuge from the heat in the shade, now is the perfect time to embark on literary journeys that resonate with the spirit of renewal.

Released January 9, 2024

Foul Play

Fiona McIntosh

The heart-stopping new crime thriller in the Detective Jack Hawksworth series by blockbuster author Fiona McIntosh.

Released January 30, 2024

The Other Bridget

Rachael Johns

A feelgood romantic comedy by Australia’s bestselling romance writer, ideal for fans of Emily Henry and Marian Keyes.

Released January 31, 2024

The Great Undoing

Sharlene Allsopp

How long can you run from a lie, if that lie is what your life is founded on?

Celebrate the dawn of a new chapter with four compelling releases that promise to captivate your imagination. These carefully chosen novels invite you to explore the themes of growth, change, and the infinite possibilities that the new year brings.

Immerse yourself in narratives that reflect the essence of fresh starts and resolutions. Engage with characters who navigate the complexities of transformation, inspiring you to embark on your own journey of self-discovery and personal evolution.

After the countdown to midnight, extend the celebration with these four thoughtfully selected novels. Each book is a literary gem that adds depth and meaning to the canvas of your new year. From heartfelt stories of resilience to tales of newfound courage, these reads are your companions on the exciting road ahead. Here’s to a year filled with literary adventures and the promise of new beginnings!

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