Mr Smith to You

For most of his 76 years, Bill Smith preferred solitude over socialising, horses over people and confidentiality over confidantes. As a jockey, he was known for always turning up already fully kitted out in his silks. But now, in his advancing years, a fall lands him in full-time care and it becomes impossible to maintain his privacy. Nurse Maureen Bannon resents having to look after ‘the geries’, especially grumpy old buggers like Mr Smith, but when she discovers Bill’s secret an unlikely alliance is formed. Bill was assigned female at birth, a fact that shaped his life but never limited his ambition. With Mr Smith’s health declining and time running out, Maureen wants to find someone who knows and loves him, but only one name seems to mean anything to Bill – Catherine, his first love. Can Maureen find out more to help Bill find peace?

Mr Smith to You is a beautiful and tender novel about identity and a powerful testament to kindness and the human spirit.

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