Milking Time

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Released May 1, 2024

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Milking Time

The gorgeously funny, uplifting and entertaining new novel from Rachael Treasure, author of iconic, bestselling and much-loved stories of Australian rural life, including Jillaroo and The Farmer’s Wife.

Connie Mulligan, daughter of a fourth-generation Tasmanian dairy farmer, feels like she doesn’t belong – anywhere. She’s got big dreams and big ideas, but she made a mess of her university degree and has been sent home in disgrace. The man who was responsible for her failure won’t get out of her nightmares, her father won’t listen to any of her ideas on how to make environmentally positive changes to the way the dairy farm is being run, her mum thinks she should go on anti-depressants, and she keeps having what her psychologist calls ‘episodes’. Connie is stifled, frustrated, out of sorts and out of step – with her family, her town, her community and her time.

It’s not until an opportunity arises to travel to Ireland that a chance encounter with a wise old woman – and a knock on the head – sees Connie regain her confidence. And it is in Ireland that Connie realises that everything she wants back home – family, friends, community and a healthy, healing land – is within her grasp; she’s just got to reach out for what she wants and make it happen. The story of how Connie Mulligan uses all her wit, willpower and a community of strong women to seize the day, save her family farm and transform herself, her life and her small town will have you standing up and cheering. Earthy, funny, truthful and wise, this is Rachael Treasure at her emotional, heartfelt and feelgood best.

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