17 Years Later

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Released July 31, 2024

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17 Years Later

Is the truth sometimes best left buried? A crime masterpiece by bestselling author J. P. Pomare

The violent slaughter of the wealthy Primrose family while they slept shocked the nation of New Zealand and scarred the small idyllic rural town of Cambridge forever.

All of the evidence pointed to their young live-in chef, Bill Ruatara, who was swiftly charged with murder and brought to justice. The brutal crime is now infamous, and Bill a figure of contempt who deserves to rot in jail for life.

Seventeen years later, prison psychologist TK Phillips is fighting for an appeal. He is convinced Bill did not receive a fair trial. When celebrity true-crime podcaster Sloane Abbott takes a sudden interest, it’s not long before she uncovers new evidence that could set fire to the prosecution’s case. As TK and Sloane dig deeper into the past, they become tangled in a complex web of danger and deceit. With Bill’s innocence far from assured and their own lives at stake, will they risk everything to unearth the truth, or leave it buried for good?

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