5 Minute Spotlight – with Cheryl Adnams

Published:March 30, 2020

The spotlight is on our authors this year and we’ll be bringing you regular and fascinating insights in a five minute read


Cheryl  Adnams

Australian Author

Bestselling author of historical fiction novels The Girl from Eureka and The Bushranger’s Wife

I’ve lived many lives and much of it has centred around my one true addiction – travel. I’d only been in full time employment for five years after I left school before I quit and headed overseas for the Big O.S. The Big O.S. – that right of passage, that year away that people in their twenties took in the 1990s. (Well, everyone I know did it).

22 states in 23 days! That was the United States ticked off, followed by a 3 month stint teaching kids how to do gymnastics on horseback at a summer camp called Rawhide Ranch in southern California (yes, I said Rawhide Ranch). I sold sheepskin products and chocolate while living with relatives for a white Christmas in Canada before ending my year away in London.

London once again became home on and off during the late 90s between postings to Switzerland, Corfu and Austria working as a site representative for Contiki tours. That particular life saw me cooking up to 250 meals a sitting for tourists and cleaning a three story Chalet, usually on an average about 3 hours sleep a night. (The stories from that life must be kept secret to protect the not so innocent. (And thank goodness there was no social media in the 90s)).

There’s been trips to Africa, Samoa, New Zealand, Mexico, Iceland and many, many returns to my favourite of all places, Italy.

And throughout it all, I have always written. I’ve kept journals since 1985, and I always keep a travel journal. I will always travel. These days I call it research, but I think – even back then on that first trip overseas – it’s always been research. Research for the stories I would write, and hoped to one day publish.

Two Quick Questions

eBook or paperback?

I can’t choose – both have their purposes. Ebooks are the best thing EVER for travel. Carrying ten print books on holiday? Forget about it!

Chocolate or cake?

I can leave either but I would choose cake. Especially my mum’s cheesecake or a good cupcake with loads of creamy icing.

Cheryl’s latest Australian fiction release

How do you tame a wild colonial boy? With an even wilder colonial girl.

Central Highlands of Victoria 1861

Jack the Devil’s reputation precedes him. The most notorious bushranger on the Central Highlands, nothing throws him off his game-until he holds up Prudence Stanforth and her grandmother. Jack can’t help but be captivated by the feisty Pru and her lack of fear in the face of danger.

Weeks later, Pru crosses paths with the respectable businessman Jack Fairweather, and it’s not long before she recognises him as the bushranger who stole her favourite necklace. His price for the locket’s return is a kiss-a kiss that ignites sparks in them both.

When Pru discovers her grandmother has been keeping a devastating secret, running away with Jack the Devil is the perfect escape for her broken heart. The dangerous nature of his less than salubrious occupation is a poetic contradiction to her sheltered upbringing, and only fuels their passion.

But as life becomes more complicated, will the return of dark elements from Jack’s past ruin their chance at happiness?


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Australian Author
Author of rural romance and now the bestselling historical fiction novels The Girl from Eureka and The Bushranger’s Wife


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