5 Minute Spotlight – with Cathryn Hein

Published:May 20, 2020

The spotlight is on our authors this year and we’ll be bringing you regular and fascinating insights in a five minute read


Cathryn Hein

Bestselling Rural Romance and Romantic Adventure Author
Taking your heart on an adventure…

Hi everyone!

My name is Cathryn Hein and I’m a rural romance author with fifteen books under my belt and another (Serenity’s Song) coming out in August. I also enjoy writing short stories and often share them with my newsletter subscribers. In fact, I’ll be sharing another soon.

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I’m originally from Mount Gambier in the lower south-east of South Australia, although these days I live in sunny Newcastle, NSW. Being a born and bred country girl with a degree in agricultural science and a background working the pasture seed industry, I have enormous love and empathy for country life and small towns. I especially adore rugged, rural men who are good with their hands, which is why I write them into my books. A safe way to live my fantasies!

I’ve always written. Growing up I wrote short stories and (cringeworthy) angsty poetry and it seemed natural to later branch into novels. I think the love of stories and writing comes from being a big reader. Oh, the adventure books provide! Not only adventure but feeling.

It must be forty years since I read The Black Stallion by Walter Farley (showing my age here) but the joy of that book still lingers. Alec’s adventures with the Black were breathtaking, not to mention wildly romantic, and made my breath short and my heart pound, and long with so much passion to be just like him.

My reading tastes might have changed – although being horse mad from birth my taste in horsey books hasn’t – but my hunger for that breathless, heart-pounding emotion that the best stories give hasn’t.

That feeling is something I try to achieve with my own stories. For myself, because I love a good laugh/bawl/swoon/fret/sigh when I’m writing, and for readers who I know also long for that escape.

Two Quick Questions

eBook or paperback?

Ebooks. They’re a godsend for people like me with terrible eyesight, although I still buy some paperbacks.

Chocolate or cake?

Oh gawd… both!

Cathryn’s latest Australian fiction release

He might be the perfect model, but is he the right man for Scarlett?

When up-and-coming artist Scarlett Ash discovers the perfect model in small-town Levenham, she can’t believe her luck. Her creativity abandoned her months ago and with her move to London to take up a prestigious residency fast approaching, she’s desperate for a muse to bring it back.

Surfing dairy farmer Sam Greenwood is delivering milk when a gorgeous girl accosts him. Charmed by her invitation to model for a painting, Sam wants to say no. While Scarlett might be stunning, she’s arty-farty weird, and he’s flat out with his growing dairy business. Somehow, though, he can’t resist.

As Scarlett struggles to find her way with her new work, Sam becomes determined to help. Scarlett is smart, talented and sympathetic to the unremitting toil of dairy farming, and they’re both healing from failed relationships. Soon burgeoning friendship blossoms into so much more.

Knowing that London beckons and her time in Levenham is short, Scarlett resists the lure of love. She has no plans to return to Levenham, and big-hearted Sam deserves more than a brief fling followed by a quick goodbye. Except as their affair deepens, how can she leave the man who’s not only given her back her passion but her heart?

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