Latest Releases

Up on Horseshoe Hill

By Penelope Janu

A kiss can change your life… But the past can cast long shadows.

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Starting from Now

By Fleur McDonald

‘Wrapped in a love of family, friendship, crime and mystery’ - another compelling novel from Fleur McDonald.

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Riverstone Ridge

By Mandy Magro

An authentic and heartfelt story about uncovering who you truly are and where you belong

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Just One Wish

By Rachael Johns

Three women, three secrets, one life-changing journey.

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The Memory Tree

By Jennifer Scoullar

One family’s century of secrets threatens to destroy a marriage - and bring down a government.

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Cross My Heart

By Pamela Cook

When a promise kept means a life is broken...a story of guilt, redemption and friendship

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The Model Wife

By Tricia Stringer

Outdated ideals of what a woman should be? Even a good woman can be pushed too far…

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Eddie and the Show Queen

By Cathryn Hein

Can Eddie recapture the heart of the girl he’s always loved?

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Matters of the Heart

By Fiona Palmer

A classic love story about manners, men and modern romance retold by Fiona Palmer

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Heart of the Cross

By Emily Madden

From Ireland to Kings Cross, a legacy of loss and hope echoes across the generations...

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The Day the Lies Began

By Kylie Kaden

Secrets have a habit of rising to the surface, especially in small towns

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The Bushranger’s Wife

By Cheryl Adnams

How do you tame a wild colonial boy? With an even wilder colonial girl.

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Current Releases

The Desert Midwife

By Fiona McArthur

A romantic drama about strong women, medical miracles and new beginnings.

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The Bond

By Kaye Dobbie

A love so strong it will bind them together forever…or tear them apart.

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Devil’s Lair

By Sarah Barrie

A taut psychological suspense set in a dramatic Tasmanian landscape from bestselling author Sarah Barrie

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Love Song

By Sasha Wasley

Beth Paterson meets an old heartbreak while trying to protect the remote community where she practices medicine

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The Cinema at Starlight Creek

By Alli Sinclair

Can two women uncover lies and secrets to live the life they've dared to dream?

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Home At Last

By Meredith Appleyard

Flying solo can be harder than it looks ... A warm-hearted rural romance about finding your way home

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Home Fires

By Fiona Lowe

A devastating bushfire. Three scorched marriages. And an inflammatory secret that will rock a town.

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After the Party

By Cassie Hamer

Lisa Wheeldon is on a journey that will force her to rethink all she knows about being a good mother

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Lawson’s Bend

By Nicole Hurley-Moore

When Henny got out of Lawson’s Bend ten years ago she vowed never to come back. But sometimes things change…

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The Round Yard

By Alissa Callen

Is the home each yearns for already within grasp or will fear keep them running? A  story about finding where you belong.

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The Homestead on the River

By Rosie Mackenzie

An unforgettable story of love, loss and betrayal as a family fight for their future…

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The Woman in the Green Dress

By Tea Cooper

Green, the colour of envy, the colour deep within an opal, the colour of poison…

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The Cafe by the Bridge

By Lily Malone

Will Taylor Woods gain the trust of a man whose every instinct tells him never to trust a woman again?

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Return to Roseglen

By Helene Young

Fractured feuds in later life, when loved ones should be there for each other when it matters most.

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The Trouble with Choices

By Trish Morey

Three sisters. Three tough choices, and the ties that bind a family together.

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The Art of Friendship

By Lisa Ireland

Despite distance or different paths, we all expect friendships from childhood to last forever. So did Libby and Kit...

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A Place with Heart

By Jennie Jones

Rural romance meets Blue Heelers. An outback cop and a would-be family winding its way into his heart.

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The Secrets We Keep

By Shirley Patton

A compelling novel of the transcendental love of children and the truth's unwillingness to stay hidden.

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The Cowgirl

By Anthea Hodgson

Teddy is committed to country life - but she dreams of another life, in the world beyond the farm gate.

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Long Game

By Catherine Evans

I'm following one of my dreams … to play Aussie Rules Football. But do I dare to also follow my heart?

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One More Song

By Nicki Edwards

Harrison Baxter and Edwina Campbell lead completely different lives. Can they ever find a way to be together?

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Ridgeview Station

By Michael Trant

Love, loss, the spirit of the bush. A vast outback property and a family’s fight to save their livelihood.

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